FCC Votes to Keep Internet Access Open for Innovation

The FCC just ruled to ban fast lanes for internet access. Consumers have already paid with their bills for bandwidth and they understood that cable companies were trying to double dip by also charging content originators for the same bandwidth. Such paid fast lanes would have deeply engrained existing incumbents and made competition and innovation in content and services much more difficult.

Huge kudos to all the organizations that worked so diligently to inform individuals and policy makers about this issue. A big thank you also to John Oliver who gave this effort a much needed jolt by memorably rebranding it from “net neutrality” (which you can search for to find all my prior posts).

Of course this is just the beginning of a process. Next up is the possibility of a law suit by some broadband providers as well as attempts at legislative endruns around this. But in the meantime I will celebrate this outcome by making a donation to Fight for the Future and encourage everyone to do the same.