Awesome eight apps contest!

We’re running a contest to win one of 100 Builder Passes, 10 VIP Tickets, and one coveted Super VIP pass to the LAUNCH Festival.

Here is how it works:

a) Download any 8 of the 12 following Apps (I’m investors in them!)

b) Place them on one screen on your phone & take a screenshot, like this:


c) Tweet that image with: “Eight awesome apps to @launchfestival”

We will pick random winners every day until Sunday at 1pm!

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  1. My curated news app! For iOS & Android.
  2. Our 2014 Winner! For iOS.
  3. I’m a mindful practitioner and was lucky enough to invest in this exceptional product. It’s free and it will reduce your stress and make you a better person! For iOS & Android.
  4. An amazing way to get a reservation! For iOS & Android.
  5. Trading of stocks … on your phone … for free! For iOS.
  6. I was an investor in the seed round & love the team! For iOS & Android.
  7. I’m an investor and in love with this App. For iOS & Android.
  8. I was the second investor after Marco’s parents & this product is so gorgeous you will wish you built it! For iOS.
  9. For Android.
  10. My old friend Seth doing the EDM thing! For iOS.
  11. A fantastic community supporting each other anonymously. Proud investor in this one. For iOS & Android.
  12. Another investment in a product that I love. Only .25 to manage your money! For iOS.

best, @jason

The following folks have won a Builder’s Pass, contgrats! (and may win a VIP/SUPERVIP):