Covered Conversations

After months of cajoling, harassing and pleading the Cover team finally broke down and let me set up a location I can use the service in SLC. This is pretty far off script for them as they’re focused primarily on large metros like NYC and San Francisco (stay tuned for more new cities coming soon!).

This was the first time someone had gone rogue, and I want to celebrate it by sharing one of my favorite local spots and one of my favorite services with some of my favorite people.

If you’re familiar at all with the Cover story, you’ll know that years ago I set up a dinner in NYC and let people apply to join for an evening out. The idea was to introduce serendipity and let her do her thing. That dinner led to me meeting Andrew Cove, who would reach out a few months later to let me know he’d started work on a new project in mobile payments. That project was Cover. And the rest of the story wrote itself.

Given the unique way he and I met, I thought it only fitting to welcome Cover to SLC with a similar dose of serendipity. 

So, here’s what we’re going to do.

Each Thursday in December (well, Dec 4th, 11th and 18th) I’ve invited a prominent local founder or VC to lunch at my local spot, Eggs in the CIty (those who know me know Eggs is my unofficial SLC conference room).

Each week, I’ll open up an RSVP list. You’ll RSVP and I’ll hand pick 10 people to join the lunch. We’ll eat, we’ll talk, we’ll make new connections and, perhaps, something unexpected might come out of it.

You’ll also get to try Cover, because we’re going to use it to buy our guest lunch (I’ll send full details to the 10 people selected). 

So, this week.

On Dec 4th, we’ll be hosting our first Covered Conversation with Mark Newman, CEO of Hirevue.

Mark is one of my favorite local founders. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him grow as a friend and CEO. He has scaled his business, built sales teams and raised money from some of the world’s top VCs. He has a bunch of stories and ideas to share and we’re lucky to have him as our first Covered Conversation.

If you’re interested in meeting Mark and joining this Covered Conversation, you can RSVP here.

I will close RSVPs tomorrow night (Tues Dec 2nd) @ 8pm. I will email the 10 selected later that night with confirmation details.

Hope to see some of you at lunch on Thursday.