What’s Next

When I was in business school, I had the opportunity to get to do some work with Chris Sacca and Lowercase Capital. I’ve documented how I ended up with that part-time role in a previous post, but it provided me with a front row seat to learn from Chris—how he evaluated opportunities, thought about different sectors, and worked with portfolio companies. I learned a lot from that experience, including that I loved nearly everything about the venture side of the startup “industry.” That (plus the investing done through the By/Association angel group) is why I’m thrilled to share the news that I’ve joined Deep Fork Capital to work alongside the fund’s founder and managing partner, Tim Komada.

It is an uncanny match in terms of our personalities and views on what it takes to be a great early stage investor in today’s funding environment. When I met with Deep Fork portfolio company founders, their comments about Tim and his willingness to go above and beyond for them echoed my story of transitioning from finance to tech and confirmed my own perception of Tim during our time getting to know each other. I’ve been working with Tim for the last week-plus, and I can’t wait to share what we’ve already been working on together.

I’m also equally excited to share that I’m going to be based in NYC, a city that I grew up visiting frequently as a kid living in Philly, a city that I lived in for 2 years after undergrad (and interned in for 2 summers), and a city where I fell in love with tech and startups. I’m psyched to be rejoining an amazing community of founders, builders, and investors. Spending the last year in San Francisco has been an amazing learning experience, and I’ll still be making my way back to SF on a monthly basis to stay plugged in and catch up with Tim and portfolio companies in-person.

A special thanks to many of my west coast friends and colleagues, including: Deena, Sean, Konstantin, and the Wanelo team for providing me with an opportunity to learn a ton (perhaps to be shared in another post), Richard Kerby and Kanyi Maqubela (now in NYC) for the helpful advice you both provided, and Semil Shah for your advice, encouragement, intros, and support throughout this process and well before.