Help Wanted: Health Tech Research Assistant


Over the course of the next two months, I’m planning a dive deep into a few verticals within health tech. Healthcare is clearly one of the largest markets with overabundance of problems as evidenced by the escalating costs. Total healthcare spending in the US is expected to reach $4.8 trillion in 2021 or 20% of GDP.  To put things in perspective, that number was $75 billion in 1970.  The costs are growing out of control but I believe that tech will play a significant role in the way that healthcare is delivered over the next decade.  I’m passionate about this project and improving healthcare because my family was underinsured when I was growing up and our country’s long-term well-being depends on it.  

To aid me in my quest, I’m looking to hire a Summer Research Assistant for a six to eight week project. I’d like to partner with someone who is passionate about healthcare and has a strong desire to get exposure to Venture Capital.  

Specifically, our Summer Research Assistant will: 

  • Research macro trends affecting healthcare and technology
  • Create market maps for select segments
  • Assist with due diligence on “live” opportunities 
  • Present findings to investment team 

There is no “right” or typical background for this role. However, the ideal candidate will have: 

  • June and July wide open (grad students and talent in transition)
  • A degree in health administration, pre-med, or economics from a top university
  • 2-5 years of experience at a health tech company, consulting firm or investment bank
  • Demonstrated passion for healthcare and technology
  • A balance between being analytical and imaginative
  • An excellent network in the health tech community

You’re probably a good fit if you: 

  • Use your nights and weekends to read about healthcare and tech
  • Believe our country deserves better than
  • Enjoy researching and presenting markets, trends and companies 
  • Spent just as much time in the lab as the classroom
  • Don’t have an ego and genuinely care about working with great people

The role will be based at RRE’s midtown office, and the start date is immediate.  Competitive compensation will be provided. 

Candidates should email with a resume, a brief bio, optional links to content (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter, blog, etc.), and a description of why you would be an excellent hire.