The Purple Cow, Startup Edition #2


In this 2nd post of the Purple Cow Startup Edition, I will be sharing some remarkable ideas for a startup I’ve admired for quite some time now. You might know Bark & Co as the group which owns Bark Box, a popular monthly subscription box for dogs. Here are a few remarkable purple cow ideas that I’ve come up with:

-Mobile pet neutering van. How cool would that be? Saves time and is super convenient. The idea is remarkable enough that it will be spread virally. Besides, what a better way to arouse the interests of people nearby when they see the BarkCare mobile pet neutering van pull into their neighborhood?

-Doggy dating/matchmaking. Sounds crazy? This kind of thing happens all the time and you would be surprised by how many eccentric pet owners are out there doing this. The point is to get people talking and what a better to do that than a doggy dating service!

-Rent a pet. Try a new doggy out for a 1 week. If you don’t like your dog, return it.

Or you could do an alternative take on rent a pet: why not create a “rent a pet for the day” specifically for non pet owners who are having a bad day? There are tons of pets that go unadopted at local shelters, so not only could you create a niche business that cheers up people but also one that helps lonely dogs not stay in cages all day long.

-Outrageous BarkBox items. Maybe you could find some special dog bones from Mongolia. Or a handmade dog collars using cool fabrics. Whatever it is, just make sure it is remarkable enough that people will talk about them. And only send these special items to your BEST CUSTOMERS (the ones who will be most likely to spread the info virally).

Yes, most of these ideas are outlandish and people might scoff at them but as Malcolm Gladwell has proven over and over again – the people on the fringes are the ones who will be recognized.

Just remember, “very good” is bland and boring, so be REMARKABLE instead.