Midas List Feeder Angels

Like the feeder firms, but with angels. I used AngelList’s API to figure out which angels invested in the companies that the Midas List firms invested in. The list is ranked by what percentage of the firms these angels reported to AngelList are also Midas List investments.

Some caveats on this list. The data was a bit noisy. Most of the people the algorithm returned are actually venture capitalists. It is unclear how many of the companies they report as investments are actually their own angel investments and how many are someone else’s money. So I took out all people who work for or have recently worked for a venture fund. Except I left in the people whose venture fund is, I’m pretty sure, actually a vehicle for their own money. That may not be fair in some cases and I may also be wrong. I also tried to leave in people who run accelerators but where it seems like the companies they’ve invested in are with their own money. Also a bit apples-to-oranges perhaps.

To avoid the law of small numbers, I only counted angels who have at least ten companies that overlap with the Midas firms. I picked ten because it is a nice round number. It’s arbitrary.

I cross-checked the algorithm’s results against Crunchbase. There were a couple of changes. And I took out Carolyn White, whose existence I can’t seem to verify. Let me know if that was a mistake and I’ll put her back in.

There are probably also people reporting some of the companies they advise as investments. And all sorts of other problems. Because of that, I left off the percentages and just rank-ordered everyone.

I used the first location the angel used on AngelList as their location. Except for one or two that I changed because I happen to know where they live. That the Bay Area dominates is no surprise. How much it dominates was a little bit surprising.

Last, this should not be taken as a list of either who are the best angel investors or who are the most helpful. Some of both of these things probably play into this, but so does a whole lot of other stuff. In NYC alone, some of the most helpful angels I know (Joanne Wilson, say, or Mark Kingdon, who are both notably helpful investors in NYC, according to what entrepreneurs tell me) did not come up on this list for whatever reason.

And finally, you get what you pay for; happy to make changes to egregious errors, but don’t take this list as any more authoritative than it is: something I hacked up at 4am because I couldn’t sleep.

1 Gil SF
2 Jeremy Stoppelman SF
3 Ashton Kutcher LA
4 Sam Shank SF
5 Ralph Mack NYC
6 Max Levchin SF
7 Bill Lee SV
8 Tikhon Bernstam SF
9 Raymond Tonsing SF
10 Michael Parekh NYC
11 Dave Morin SF
12 Josh Stylman NYC
13 Hadi Partovi Seattle
14 Ariel Poler SF
15 Julia Popowitz SV
16 David Sacks SF
17 Othman Laraki SF
18 Kal Vepuri NYC
19 Joe Greenstein SF
20 Matt Cutts SV
21 Matt Wyndowe SV
22 Jack Altman NYC
23 Pejman Nozad SV
24 Tim Ferriss SF
25 Joshua Schachter SV
26 Scott Belsky NYC
27 Alexis Ohanian NYC
28 Bob Pasker NYC
29 Joi Ito Boston
30 Mark Sugarman SF
31 Gary Vaynerchuk NYC
32 Kenny Van Zant SV
33 Dave Goldberg SV
34 Troy Carter LA
35 Naval Ravikant SF
36 Peter Hershberg NYC
37 Jeff Fluhr SF
38 David Popowitz SV
39 Georges Harik SV
40 Auren Hoffman SV
41 Jared Kopf SF
42 Josh Spear NYC
43 Jeff Hammerbacher SF
44 Rick Marini SF
45 Karl Jacob SF
46 Matt Mullenweg SV
47 Peter Lehrman NYC
48 Michael Birch SF
49 Erik Moore Berkeley
50 Kevin Moore Dallas
51 Thanos Triant SF
52 Howard Lindzon LA
53 Roger Dickey SF
54 Nat Turner NYC
55 David Tisch NYC
56 Mitch Kapor Oakland
57 James Hong SV
58 Lance White Ohio
59 Gil Elbaz LA
60 Scott And Cyan Banister SF
61 Jason Calacanis LA
62 Jerry Neumann NYC
63 Dharmesh Shah Boston
64 Jim Pallotta NYC
65 Peter Kastner Boston
66 Matt Coffin LA
67 Ed Zimmerman NYC
68 Farzad Nazem SV
69 Zach Weinberg NYC
70 Michael Lazerow NYC
71 Gil Penchina SF
72 Esther Dyson NYC
73 Don Hutchison SV
74 Anthony Saleh LA
75 Richard Chen Oakland
76 Tom Peterson San Diego
77 John Landry Boston
78 David Beyer SF
79 Adrian Aoun SF
80 David Cohen Colorado
81 Thomas Korte SF
82 Ben Smith SV
83 Peter Read London
84 Michael Liou SF
85 Paige Craig LA
86 David S. Rose NYC
87 Joe Caruso Boston
88 Fabrice Grinda NYC