In Memory of Jody Sherman

I flew down to Santa Monica today to attend a memorial service in celebration of the life of Jody Sherman.  Along with a hundred and fifty of his closest friends, we shared stories of the Jody we remembered.  We celebrated his incredible spirit.  More than a few tears were shed, including a ton of my own.  And while many of us wondered aloud how such a positive force in all of our lives could possibly have taken his own, our speculation wasn't vulgar rumor mongering.  It was genuine astonishment.  The Jody we knew seemed like an unadulterated optimist.  The Jody we knew spent his every day bringing others joy.  The Jody we knew was a force for good.  But apparently the Jody we knew wasn't the whole Jody.  If only we had known.

Story after story today made clear why Jody was so special.  Jody was unendingly giving of himself to others.  And Jody was honest and direct, to a fault.  In combination these traits made him an amazing mentor.  Jody was the confidant of innumerable entrepreneurs.  They turned to him for help and could count on his un-judgmental but critical advice.  Jody didn't believe in complacency.  He was one of the hardest working guys you'd ever meet.  But there was no such thing as work for work's sake.  Jody lived his life with a purpose and taught entrepreneurs that same single-minded resolve.  Today's memorial service was full of recipients of Jody's tough love.  But no one focused on the toughness.  Everyone focused on the love.  That's what shined through. 

I will greatly miss Jody.  He was a wonderful friend to so many of us.  And all we could think today was "too soon. too soon."