Knowing more about my readers

I am always looking for new tools and services to help me better understand who my readers are, what they like to read, and where they like to go.  Besides the more active participants that like to comment and trackback to some of my posts, many of my readers have been anonymous to me and to each other.  Scott Rafer, who founded Feedster, recently contacted me about a new project that he is working on with Eric Marcouillier called MyBlogLog Communities.  What is interesting about MyBlogLog Communities is that it allows me to put a name and a face to my readers, to discover what you like/dislike, and to perhaps give me an opportunity to further tailor some of my posts to your interests. What’s in it for you?  Well it allows you to interact with other readers on my blog and to see what others in my community see as hot topics of the day via a link tracking mechanism.  While this service is early in its release, I encourage you to sign up for the BeyondVC community (look for the Join Community button on my page) and to experiment and learn more about each other, what blogs we like to read, and favorite posts from around the web.  Maybe you’ll discover something new or meet some other entrepreneurs with similar interests.

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