Founder Friendly

You must try to make the right decisions for what is best for the Company and if that means being labeled unfriendly to founders, so be it.

Fred Wilson, partner and co-founder of Union Square Ventures weighed on the topic of what is “founder friendly” after all? He was responding to a tweet from Dan Primack, a veteran writer who closely follows venture capital.

RIP “founder friendly” (2010-2017)

“Founder friendly” has gone from being a well meaning understanding of founders and their challenges during growth of the company to becoming a catch phrase for investors, who are happy to condone all or any behavior by the “founders.” It has become nothing more than marketing-speak for investors trying to find an edge!  Continue reading "Founder Friendly"

How I survived an Arctic Vacation

I recently took a trip to the Arctic North, traveling pretty deep into the Arctic Circle and was about 600 miles from the North Pole. It was frigid cold and windy, making it hard to make photos. My Leica SL performed like a champion but in order for me to use it well, I need to dress warm and keep the bone-piercing wind out and stay warm when deal with temperatures that dipped way below zero. Here is the kit I used.  Continue reading "How I survived an Arctic Vacation"


… tells only half-truths. And thus the full truth isn’t as fragrant as my wistful reminiscence. Most of those skyscrapers are abandoned. The cornfields are subsumed by cookie-cutter suburbia. And the house that raised me is boarded up after decades of disrepair. Nostalgia is a rose-colored rearview. Not only does it falsely represent the past, keeping us clinging to a two-dimensional version of life that didn’t actually exist, it dampens the present and clouds the future.

Photo: Helsinki 2017. Made with Fuji x100F and converted to B&W using Nik Software Silver Efex Pro 

7 Things to read this weekend

Traveling is great fun, but it does throw off my reading schedule, which makes it difficult to recommend stories for you to read over the weekend. Well, that is the excuse I am using this week, and trying to make up for my tardiness by recommending what I think are really great stories worth reading this weekend.

Still living in a Notification hell

It doesn’t matter what app it is — they are all trying to get me to turn on notifications, again and again, so that I can come back to their service. Facebook and Instagram are the most aggressive, but not the only ones who are overtly aggressive. Outlook on iPad thinks I need notifications. I don’t.   For some odd reason “apps” think that every “like,” “message” or “comment” is of life-changing importance and thus needs to be viewed instantly. I mean, if I wanted notifications, I would have turned them on. Like I do for iMessage and Telegram. Those are important and have a time-value attached to them. When there isn’t value, I don’t turn them on. And that is why I find persistent nudging to turn on dumb notifications annoying. I have long said that notifications are the atomic unit of interactions on mobile and are becoming vital Continue reading "Still living in a Notification hell"

Tech needs Emotional Intelligence

I was recording a podcast with Matthew Panzarino, editor of TechCrunch yesterday and the conversation turned to current state of Silicon Valley, and the point I made was that as an industry we have been focused on a limited set of metrics – growth and intelligence, for example. Sure, like any intellectually intensive industry needs high level of IQ, but as we become more embedded and enmeshed in mainstream socio-economic and cultural fabric, technology industry needs to have an equal and perhaps more focus on values and emotional impact of what we create. Technology is a lot more pervasive and embedded into our lives. It is not something that just impacts that operations of a company, an industry or a small subset of population. The digitization’s influence is far-reaching. I have written about need for empathy and understanding. But in reality we need to start within our own industry Continue reading "Tech needs Emotional Intelligence"