TechCrunch 7

I atternded the Techcrunch 7 party on Friday. Mike – great party! Here is the video I made: Lots of discussion here

Is scraping and crawling stealing?

A spat has blown up over the weekend regarding Oodle and “scraping” content from 3rd party sites and re-purposing it inside their environments. This essay is my reaction to the spat. As a founder of edgeio I clearly have an interest in the answer to the question. edgeio does not scrape or crawl. All of its content is permission based (published using the “listing” tag; uploaded directly into edgeio OR published on edgeio directly to a personal listings blog that we host). However, there is more at stake here than competitive issues between edgeio on the one hand and Vast/Oodle on the other. The wider issue is whether or not scraping (which is very like crawling and indexing except it reads displayed content not files) constitutes stealing of data. The following is taken from an article on ClickZ:
“This is called stealing content…there’s no advantage to me Continue reading "Is scraping and crawling stealing?"

PC Forum

I’m at PC Forum this week. Monday saw the pitches of 9 startups (including edgeio) Here is the movie of their 2 minute infommercials.