Smart Home is a Home that’s always spying on you

It is ironic that we pay good money to buy and install devices that steal our privacy and sense of identity. We complain about Facebook’s ill-effects on society, but have no problems leaving digital footprints by excessive use of the service. We love Alexa, but we don’t stop and wonder what is the end game here? What impact will friction-free ordering have on our consumption. We buy smart devices, and never ever think that they are the spy in the house of life.

Gizmodo writers Kashmir Hill and Surya Mattu decided to take a closer look at the data that comes out of a San Francisco apartment and the story it tells about the resident. What you will learn is nothing short of stunning and astounding. Hill, who used her apartment and her family as guinea pigs, wrote:

Getting a smart home means that everyone who lives or comes inside

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My HomePod Review

Apple HomePod, a connected speaker is about to come to market, after being delayed by almost six months. It is not the first to the market, and it will definitely not be the most versatile. However, you can bet your last dollar, that it will play music, and play it very well. In fact, there won’t be a sweeter sounding connected speaker in the market. It might sound so good, that for a few days you might forget about your expensive, warm sounding and fantastic vintage hi-fi system. Why do I say all this? Continue reading "My HomePod Review"

Does iPhoneX need a case?

I have been in two minds about getting a case (or a cover) for the iPhoneX. On one hand it is a object d’art, a sublime beauty that anything to cover up its edges and back will feels like a sacrilege. On the other hand it is immensely breakable and is going to cost upwards of $500 to fix in class the glass encased body shatters. So, I asked my Twitter followers how they thought about this dilemma. Nearly 54 percent are getting a case (or a cover.) I think most of us would like to play safe. Now that is another way Apple is going to dip into our pockets!

Goodbye iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano

All good (and even great) things come to an end. After twelve years, it is finally curtains for iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano. “Today, we are simplifying our iPod lineup with two models of iPod touch now with double the capacity starting at just $199 and we are discontinuing the iPod shuffle and iPod nano,” Apple informed Business Insider. I have many fond memories of both iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle. Lot of folks forgot that Nano was the first “Apple Watch” and the idea came from its community of hardcore enthusiasts. I was one of those people who wore an iPod Watch. Long before there was Marie Kondo and her love-what-you-own-philosophy, there was the iPod Shuffle, which prompted me to come up with The iShuffle Principle. The end-of-life of these beloved music players means it is time for me to dig out my favorite pieces from the archives Continue reading "Goodbye iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano"

Streaming killed the download star

Do you remember the iPod Nano with touch capabilities? The sixth generation iPod Nano caused quite a stir — thanks to its touch interface and beautiful screen. And it also set Apple on the path to the Apple Watch. I have always been a bit of an iPod fanboy and bought pretty much every single model.  FC689_AV5 I found the iPod Nano (6th Generation) yesterday along with an old cable to resuscitate the device, though I had to find a USB-C-to-USB adapter. And when it was charged up, I was left scratching my head, wondering how to side-load music onto the iPod? To my horror, I didn’t remember how to do it. In fact, I had to search on the Internet to get some music on the device.  To be honest, the biggest challenge was the Music app, which is something I don’t use, either on my MacOS or my
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