A morning in San Clemente, California.

Photo made with VSCO on iPhoneSE.

My conversation with co-founder of Wired Magazine

After a year long hiatus, I am back with a new set of interviews and an expanded mission. But more on that later. Here is the first interview of this new season. Louis Rossetto, co-founder of Wired magazine, recently announced the publication of his first novel, Change is Good, a collaborative art project with designer and typographer Erik Spiekermann.

Last week, I met Louis and we walked down a memory lane, talking about our publishing lives, disappointments and emotional challenges of breaking up with something you create. We pondered about the state of the media, the emergence of President Trump and why we need to be optimistic about the future. I enjoyed my conversation with Louis, and hopefully you will too.

Snow on Ice

Snow on black ice, Svalbard 2017.
Photo made with iPhone7+ and converted to B&W.

Founder Friendly

You must try to make the right decisions for what is best for the Company and if that means being labeled unfriendly to founders, so be it.

Fred Wilson, partner and co-founder of Union Square Ventures weighed on the topic of what is “founder friendly” after all? He was responding to a tweet from Dan Primack, a veteran writer who closely follows venture capital.

RIP “founder friendly” (2010-2017)

“Founder friendly” has gone from being a well meaning understanding of founders and their challenges during growth of the company to becoming a catch phrase for investors, who are happy to condone all or any behavior by the “founders.” It has become nothing more than marketing-speak for investors trying to find an edge!  Continue reading "Founder Friendly"

Random (distracting) thoughts from the Internet

Mondays are usually the days I am most excited about mostly because I love the idea of going to work. But not today. I had decided to stay low-key this past weekend. Instead of doing any reading or writing, I ended up binge watching Life Below Zero on Netflix. It made me miss a lot of sleep. The show is riveting in a way only reality tv shows can be: just enough hooks to keep glued to the screen. If I don’t get enough sleep I get fidgety and can’t focus and precisely that’s what happened today.  Continue reading "Random (distracting) thoughts from the Internet"

How I survived an Arctic Vacation

I recently took a trip to the Arctic North, traveling pretty deep into the Arctic Circle and was about 600 miles from the North Pole. It was frigid cold and windy, making it hard to make photos. My Leica SL performed like a champion but in order for me to use it well, I need to dress warm and keep the bone-piercing wind out and stay warm when deal with temperatures that dipped way below zero. Here is the kit I used.  Continue reading "How I survived an Arctic Vacation"


…..it tells only half-truths. And thus the full truth isn’t as fragrant as my wistful reminiscence. Most of those skyscrapers are abandoned. The cornfields are subsumed by cookie-cutter suburbia. And the house that raised me is boarded up after decades of disrepair. Nostalgia is a rose-colored rearview. Not only does it falsely represent the past, keeping us clinging to a two-dimensional version of life that didn’t actually exist, it dampens the present and clouds the future.

Photo: Helsinki 2017. Made with Fuji x100F and converted to B&W using Nik Software Silver Efex Pro