Bijan Sabet 2020-01-01 04:45:59

This Will Be Our Year, Foo Fighters (original by the Zombies)


Happy new year everyone!

As I mentioned in my last post, I started a new 365 photography project on December 1st and so I am thirty one days into this daily work. I have the first two weeks worth of photos back from the lab which should give me enough photographs to publish each day, starting today, without missing a day.

It’s already been interesting so far, especially the commitment to shoot this entire project on black and white film. I like the idea of working on a single body of work for the entire year.

The new blog is called bijan365 and it’s built on Tumblr.

Thanks for following along on my blogging journey all these years.


A decade later

It’s hard to resist writing down some personal thoughts as this decade comes to a close. Lot of changes as is to be expected. In no particular order.

1/ Parenthood. Kids grew up big time. Ten years ago, our children were quite young. As we enter the next decade, we have one daughter in college, another daughter finishing high school and our son will be heading to high school next year. It’s hard not to feel my age but I have so much pride seeing these kids become young adults.

2/ Photography. Ten years ago, I mostly shot with a DSLR. As the decade progressed I switched to an iPhone for the vast majority of my photos. Convenience was everything. But then something changed for me. Over the last 5 years I learned to make photographs with film and appreciate the analog process. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons slowing

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