Quantopian and Steve Cohen

Quantopian has a big announcement today.  The company will manage up to $250 million of investment capital, provided by Steve Cohen. The investment capital will be allocated to members of Quantopian who create successful trading algorithms on the Quantopian platform. The algorithm authors own all their own IP and are paid a royalty if they decide they want to accept investment capital to power their algorithm. The WSJ has more details. My favorite pull quote from the article is where they describe the backgrounds of successful algorithm authors:
[T]he creators of winning algorithms include a mechanical engineer with a Ph.D. in computational fluid dynamics in Sydney, a data scientist at an internet mapping company in Denver and a consultant in Malta with a master’s degree in mineral and energy economics

If you see yourself echoed in the description of these folks and have been curious about algorithmic trading, explore Continue reading "Quantopian and Steve Cohen"

Privacy Model for Notifications

We live in a weird new era where I nearly always have full control of what information I share and whom I share it with (assuming I have an indefatigable interest in navigating permissions settings for my various social services), but I have no control over my information once it leaves me.  The consumption of my social content is entirely controlled by my followers, not me. This control model is simultaneously intuitive, correct, and disconcerting. A classic example that comes up frequently for me is location. I’m perfectly fine with sharing my location with my friends through foursquare/swarm. I update Swarm multiple times per day and derive a lot of value from doing so. But I think it’s odd that, for people who have updates from me set to always notify them, some folks are constantly being reminded of my location, buzzing away in their pocket. This problem is not Continue reading "Privacy Model for Notifications"

The Unbiased Algorithm is a Myth

The Unbiased Algorithm is a Myth: I published another longer read over on Medium.  Syndicating here for Tumblr followers and email subscribers.   Related lazy-web request: does anyone know a good way to mix together the RSS feeds of Tumblr and Medium so that I don’t have to do these cross posts for my Feedburner email subscribers?

The Darwinism of Encryption (Or… Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Side With Apple or The FBI)

I’ve restrained my commentary on the Apple/FBI encryption debate to tweets so far, but I couldn’t find a way to say this in 140 characters, so blog post it is. Digital communication is running a multi-decade inevitable march towards end-to-end encryption. In the beginning when the first ever TCP/IP packets were scooting around the ARPANET, all communication happened in the clear, unencrypted. There were no bad actors on the network; it was just a bunch of altruistic geeks freely routing forward each others’ packets (both academics and military, but all geeks nonetheless) cooperating together. After initial attacks against the network, it quickly became clear that one could not assume the man in the middle of your network path was your friend, and encryption started to emerge as a second layer of abstraction on top of TCP/IP (the military started first).  Fast forward to today, and much of the basic Continue reading "The Darwinism of Encryption (Or… Why It Doesn’t Matter If You Side With Apple or The FBI)"