Winning Founders & Influencing Everyone

watch time: 24 min

Andreessen Horowitz operating partner Margit Wennmachers shares the founding story of OutCast, the PR agency she co-founded (acquired in 2005); her history as one of its first operating partners at a16z (and what makes it different); …


While important debates about the long-term impact of new technologies on jobs play out, I’ve had a front row seat to a set of companies where new technologies have immediately created new streams of income for millions of people. These …

Cryptonetworks and Cities: Analogies

watch time: 37 minutes

Cryptonetworks are often compared to firms, people, or even coral reefs — but, observes a16z crypto partner Ali Yahya, they might be much more similar to cities. Where does that analogy fit, and where …


One of the greatest missed opportunities in health care is all of the “dark data” out there — this includes all the critically useful data sets detailing specific patient treatments and health outcomes that are hidden to doctors and researchers …

Connie Chan

I was just a little girl
Skinny legs, a press and curl
My mother always thought I’d be a star
–Lauryn Hill,”Every Ghetto, Every City

I clearly remember interviewing Connie Chan for an analyst position many years ago. After

a16z Podcast: The Regulatory Landscape for Crypto

What’s going on, regulation-wise, in crypto? How should people who want to join a company or build something new in the space think about the regulatory environment? What to make of all the headlines, or the “alphabet soup” of agencies …