A Surprising Morning Jolt

‘The Morning Show’ got good?

Movies are often punching bags upon release. The reason why seems twofold: first, the film criticism field is a robust one with a legacy that critics would help viewers decide what was worthy of their time.¹ Second, movies cost a lot of money to make — many cost a massive amount of money to make. But, our current age of Disney blockbusters aside, that money doesn’t always guarantee success. In fact, sometimes the more money spent leads to the bigger disaster. This can be fun to watch, even if the movie itself isn’t.

Television shows seem less prone to the above. While there are television critics, because TV shows are released over a season, it’s hard to know just how good or bad a show is from the get-go.² And historically, TV shows haven’t had the scope or glamour of films. Read: they didn’t cost as much

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Offline Curious

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Drunk on devices, sobering up?

One trend I’m most curious about right now is the rise of no or low alcohol drinks. I noticed this in Europe years ago — that nearly everywhere you went they not only offered, but touted non-alcoholic beverages in bars — highlighting the opposite approach the US was taking: pushing more extreme alcoholic drinks like Four Loko and the like, with non-alcoholic drinks being almost a taboo here. That is changing, quite quickly, it seems.

And what I find most interesting about this shift is how it’s happening: which is, organically. Unlike the move away from smoking cigarettes in this country, which was clearly propelled by death and taxes (and a very strong anti-smoking push following nefarious revelations about Big Tobacco),¹ this move, despite alcohol also having a very real death and taxes issue, feels different. It’s seemingly being propelled by younger generations just choosing

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Looking Back on My 2019 Homescreen

Looking Back On My 2019 Homescreen

A use for Siri and RSS strikes back!

Happy New Year, all. Per tradition (2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, and 2013), I’m back today to showcase how my iPhone homescreen looks on this first day of 2020 — highlighting the apps I used as 2019 came to a close.

As has been the case the past few years, 2019 didn’t look all that different from the year that came before it. To me, this continues to underscore just how hard it is for a new app or service to break through in our era of app saturation, where everyone already has all the services they use on a daily basis, and aren’t spending nearly as much time looking for what’s new. Because we just don’t have the time.

And yet, some interesting trends persist, at least in my own iPhone usage. I

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