Book Review: Jason Calcanis “Angel”

I read the book by Jason Calcanis on angel investing.  If you are going to angel invest, it’s a good read.  If you are angel investing, it’s still a good read.  If you are an entrepreneur and you are going to raise money you might read it because it can help you both pre and post the raise.

Jason is a great investor.  He made a lot of money doing it.  Can you?  It’s certainly possible.  Jason was fortunate that a couple of his investments, particularly Uber, went to the stratosphere.  As with most venture investors, it’s relatively few companies that make up most of your gain.  I wrote a post on angel math a while ago.  I don’t think the math has changed.

There are a lot of great points in the book.  One point that Jason brings home over and over again that I don’t think can be Continue reading "Book Review: Jason Calcanis “Angel”"


A morning in San Clemente, California.

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This Former Hillary Staffer Is Building Aloe, A Self-Care App. Meet Amber Discko.

I know Amber via her kind and helpful Twitter presence (I *think* @Iano introduced us). So when she launched a recent Kickstarter for Aloe, a self-care app, it felt right to jump in and support her. As the project gained momentum I was surprised by two types of reactions: first, the large number of teens who really were into the idea, and second, the harassers who belittled the concept. As a friend, and now Aloe backer, I wanted to learn a bit more about Amber and Aloe, so Five Questions.


Hunter Walk: Besides the holder of an awesome name, who is Amber Discko?

Amber Discko: Professionally I’m a freelance digital strategist who most recently worked on the Hillary for America campaign, a creative strategist at Tumblr, and fun fact I was the community manager for Denny’s Diner back when it was innovative for a brand to be good on

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Assume good intent

There’s a phrase that I’ve been using more and more with startups that I’m working with closely. That phrase is “assume good intent.”  I first heard this phrase in my office at Techstars and i’ve found it useful, so I wanted to share it.

In any team or customer dynamic, if you start off assuming good intent, life is easier and good stuff happens. On the other hand, if you assume bad intent, life is hard.

I’ll give you an example to illustrate. Let’s say that you receive an email from a customer that says “The new feature in your software sucks. It’s costing me a ton of wasted time and energy.” Your initial reaction to this email likely represents your default mode and the intent you assume. When we assume bad intent, it sounds like this customer is trying to tear us down, to criticize us, or

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A Sensible Discussion on Race

I have avoided posting on my blog about what’s happened in America over the past week.  Safe to say, I am not on the side of any white supremacists.  I am also not on the side of anyone that wants to end the system of government in America, like Antifa.  Ben Franklin replied to the question of “What did you do in there?” by saying,  “We created a Democratic Republic, if you can keep it” on his way out the door of Independence Hall.

Our Democratic Republic has suffered all kinds of threats over its lifetime and today is not any different.  I will say that we have a lot of different groups that would love to dismantle our democratic republic.  They’d like to dictate to us what to do, and eliminate choice from individuals.  They are engaging in violent means to repress and oppress people.  That can only Continue reading "A Sensible Discussion on Race"