The Real Genius of Tesla Roadster



The new Tesla Roadster is quite a beauty, even though it is not quite a roadster in the classic sense. It is more like a 4-seater with a removable roof. But still, hubba hubba! I mean who would not want a supercar. Especially the Founders edition for a mere $250,000. When compared to those mega-million dollar Bugattis this is downright cheap.

For those who are doubting on Tesla’s ability to make these supercars – remember way easier to make a 1000 supercars for fanboys versus making 100,000 sedans a year for hoi polloi. The doubting toms are obviously going to bring up some challenges of math and physics to make this happen, but that does not take away the fact that it is a middle-aged dream, a fantasy even.

Jeremy Clarkson has built a career on that fantasy – and we middle-aged blokes all like to think we can drive

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Pico Shorts: Mark Cho

I’d like to introduce you to my new shorts series, where I sit down with voracious readers to chat about their reading and information consumption habits in today’s world. My first interview in this series is with Mark Cho, a menswear industry entrepreneur who splits his time between London, New York and Hong Kong and is one of my favorite people to talk to about everything from art to food and obviously fashion. Among other topics, we discuss social sharing, essential blogs and publications and the ritual of reading a book. I enjoyed my conversation with Mark, and hopefully you will too.

Fake news is here to stay…

I tweeted this earlier, So Forbes published a story based on a fake police report. Amazon vehemently denied the Adage report. The original stories spread like wildfire because it was what the narrative masses wanted to read. The apologies, corrections, and errors never get the same amplification and as a result, the incorrect information stays in our mind.

In there is the real dilemma of Fake News & why the virus isn’t going away, thanks to our modern swift distribution platforms. I still think Snapchat can play a role here as it is one network built on identity and real engagement.

Too bad, they focus so much on content and don’t appreciate their own platform’s power.

Random Notes from a Rainy Wednesday

It has been almost two months since I quit visiting Facebook — I still post photos from my Instagram and occasional notes via Buffer — and if there is anything I miss, it is publishing random musings, which were too small for a blog post and too long to be a tweet.

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Tuscany on Film

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My most recent trip to Tuscany was a first of sorts. I took along a film camera and some film to understand why everyone makes such a fuss about film photography. With my Konica Hexar AF camera, I knew at least I would at least get the photos right. In addition to my digital photos, I used up four film rolls, shooting at the same time and locations where I was also using my Leica SL camera.

The film photos elicited a lot of reaction from friends who aren’t photographers. One of them pointed out that it felt different, even though he had no idea I had shot it on film. I will be the first to admit that I don’t quite know how to describe how film photographs feel different, but I can feel it. In my brief experiment, what I like is that I have to focus on composition and exposure. Continue reading "Tuscany on Film"

Meet my new link blog

Back in the day, I used to publish the Daily Om as a way to collect, collate and share some of the best stuff about our industry, I read on the Internet. Given that we were all suffering from the post-bubble hangover, there was a paucity of good articles worth reading. It made perfect sense to find and share stuff worth reading.

Fast forward 16 years, we now have a different problem. There is just way too much stuff being written about technology. Unfortunately, most of the writing that dominates the attention and social space is bad behavior, scandals, fundraising, and valuations. It is actually less about technology, its innovations, and its business. It is not that people aren’t covering those things — it is just that it is getting buried in the general narrative around the industry being bad actors.

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Does iPhoneX need a case?

I have been in two minds about getting a case (or a cover) for the iPhoneX. On one hand it is a object d’art, a sublime beauty that anything to cover up its edges and back will feels like a sacrilege. On the other hand it is immensely breakable and is going to cost upwards of $500 to fix in class the glass encased body shatters. So, I asked my Twitter followers how they thought about this dilemma. Nearly 54 percent are getting a case (or a cover.) I think most of us would like to play safe. Now that is another way Apple is going to dip into our pockets!