Oculus catches a break as TRT lawsuit is dismissed

 In its quest to embrace a virtual world, Oculus has had to spend a lot of time navigating the legal world. Today, they seemed to have caught a good break. A lawsuit filed against Oculus by Total Recall Technologies (TRT) was dismissed by a northern California court. Read More

HTC Vive announces $10 billion VR Venture Capital Alliance

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 5.11.19 PM VR technologies are going to be requiring a shit ton of capital as they look to make the crossover from R&D phases to mass market adoption. HTC is certainly looking to do its part to make sure that the headset technologies it is building have a broader ecosystem to fall into. Today, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, HTC Vive announced a $10 billion initiative to put… Read More

500 Startups brings its ‘Distro Dojo’ program to LA for post-seed startups looking for big growth

downtown los angeles skyline, night 500 Startups has been aiming to globalize its brand and work toward attracting the attention of young, cool companies outside the Bay Area echo chamber. This has taken 500’s investments into distant corners of the world, with dedicated funds and accelerators scoping out what has amounted to a prolific number of investments. Today, TechCrunch has learned that 500 Startups is launching… Read More