Everybody say that nothing come too easy,
But when you got it, baby, nothing come too hard
—Prince, “Baby I’m a Star”

Corporate travel is hard. It shouldn’t be, but it is. The tools, often analog travel agencies integrating with …

a16z Podcast: New Upstarts in an Old Industry

When Michael Ovitz founded the Creative Artists Agency, he turned a number of the entertainment industry’s well entrenched traditions on their head. The origin story of a16z is not at all dissimilar — and not by coincidence.

In this episode, …

Connie Chan

I was just a little girl
Skinny legs, a press and curl
My mother always thought I’d be a star
–Lauryn Hill,”Every Ghetto, Every City

I clearly remember interviewing Connie Chan for an analyst position many years ago. After

Katie Haun

How many of them could’ve did it with finesse?
Now everybody like, ‘she really is the best’
–Nicki Minaj, “Chun-Li

We first met Katie Haun when she joined the board of Coinbase, but her reputation preceded her. She …

a16z Video: Distribution and Sales Channels

watch time: 6 minutes

What is a sales channel? It’s a route to market for a product or set of products, from a website to a sophisticated sales force. Selecting the right channel is critical for any business — products …

Andrew Chen

“I’m a fuckin’ genius, Jimmy Neutron”
—Soulja Boy, “The Best”

Back in 2007 when Marc and I were angel investors, we read everything we could on the emerging techniques for building products and companies. We were hungry for any information …


When Lars joined our firm, nobody was more excited about it than me as
I wrote here. That excitement proved to be warranted in so many ways as
Lars brought a perspective and a vibrance that we had not …


Dinner with Anna Wintour, racing with Anja Rubik
I told you muthaf*ckers it was more than the music
–Kanye West, “Cold

Nearly 30 years ago Steve Stoute saw something that changed his life: He went to see RunDMC …

The First Rule of Leadership

I don’t want you to be me
you should just be you
—Chance The Rapper, “Wanna Be Cool

In 1993, the professional basketball player Charles Barkley famously said: “I am not a role model. Just because I dunk …

How to Tell the Truth

“Got crack all in my drawers, I’m just honest.”
– Future, Honest

Are you an honest person? I’ll bet that you answered “yes.” If you did, who else do you know that’s completely honest? I’ll bet that was much harder …

On Career Moves and Business Leadership

watch time: 1 hour In this wide-ranging conversation, a16z co-founder Ben Horowitz shares his experiences about venture capital, company culture, rap music, The Hard Thing About Hard Things, and more with Krisztina “Z” Holly (founder of LA mayor’s MAKE …


“I’m into distribution, I’m like Atlantic
I got them mutherfuckers flying’ cross the Atlantic” –Rick Ross, “Hustlin’

When I ask new entrepreneurs what their distribution model will be, I often get answers like: “I don’t want to hire …

Todd and Freddy

“Pardon but I gotta question of life now
Look at the n!*g& next to you right now
Is he real, fake or scared?”
–Nas, Smokin’

When I first met Todd and Freddy, they were two guys with an idea. When …

Culture and Revolution

watch time: 29 minutes We know that culture is important. We even think we know what it is. But culture isn’t perks like dogs and snacks in the workplace — nor is it a defining personality, like, say, “googleyness”. Culture …

a16z Podcast: The Internet Is My Movement

Clearly disruption plays out not just in business but also in politics. Whether it was the Scottish national party, recent election campaigns, or local school boards, people grew and organized communities online all last year through NationBuilder — which provided …