Ain’t There Yet

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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Yesterday I was on a panel at The Trading Show talking about crypto.  Many interesting topics were discussed.   People there were basically bullish.

I am bullish but realistic.

I don’t think anything big happens in crypto in the places people want big things to happen until the SEC gets on board.  That’s not happening this year.  I don’t have any basis for my opinion except my gut.

However, I think crypto might see some cool stuff happen except it won’t be where most people are looking. If we think about crazy stupid ideas that would be cool if they worked that’s where crypto might have a breakthrough.

For example, what if I could tokenize something of value like airline miles and swap them for other airline miles?  There are some incentives in place for that to happen even if airline companies don’t see it yet

People are excited about but I am not.  I can transact already in fiat.  Most of the stuff being built just mimics other things

Private chains aren’t innovative   Facebook issuing is interesting but they want to keep you in their walled garden

Decentralization is the primary reason for crypto.  The fact that two people can transact quickly and efficiently without due diligence, legal, administrative and accounting costs is where the potential is.  Trust and proof.   It’s a big deal.

What is becoming very clear to me is crypto will be like most innovation.   The winner will be the one that jumps the linear line.   It’s going to start out looking stupid

I am in NYC for the next few days if anyone wants to meet   I will be at the BCI conference