Another Conference, Another App

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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I am going to Fin Tech South in Atlanta, Georgia next week.  I was at a conference at VMI in Lexington, Virginia last week and a week before that was at a conference in San Francisco, California.  My partner was at Lendit in San Franciso, California last week.

Each conference (except VMI) had participants download an app designed for the conference.

It’s maddening.  I want to network, but I don’t want to download an app every time I go to a conference.  I wish that LinkedIn would have an app that worked especially for conferences.  Then you could meet up on the app, and if you wanted to “link in” with the other person, you could do it seamlessly.

Alternatively, send me a roster of attendees based on what their function is.  Separate it between service providers, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs.  Also, further it into specialties. Lawyers, consultants, CFOs, PEOs etc.  Seed stage VC, Big VC etc.  If it’s a specialized conference like Fin Tech South, segment the entrepreneurs by sector or function; payments, trading, banking, insurance etc.

This isn’t rocket science.  People are paying money to go so they have an incentive to meet others.

Downloading a bunch of apps only to have to delete them from your phone is dumb.  Plus, when I delete it I lose all the data.  I am sure the app developers are getting all my data as well and using it for fun and profit.