No Matter What, You Have to Compete

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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I went to the Chicago Blackhawks game last night.  I am not a hockey expert, but I like watching the Blackhawks play.  The United Center wasn’t empty, but it wasn’t full either.  The national anthem was still stirring.  I hope that never changes.  The Blackhawks have been on a win streak but they still aren’t playing exciting playoff type hockey.  They are last place in their division.  The arena lacked the vibrancy of the past days.  It was low energy.

It sort of kills me to type that since we had a great run of Stanley Cups and playoff hockey.

The Hawks only have four players playing leftover from all those teams. Patrick Kane, Jonathan Toews, Brett Seabrook and Duncan Keith.  Marcus Kruger is on the team and Corey Crawford has been injured for what seems like forever. It must kill them to lace up the skates night.

I watched those four play closely.  Clearly, they were more talented than most of the hockey players on the ice.  However, what really set them apart was their hustle.  Even though they pretty much knew they were going to get beat, they competed.  They chased pucks.  They got after it.  Clearly, they are resilient.

You could clearly see where other Blackhawk players weren’t skating as hard, even in the first period.  Some of them made some very dumb mistakes and it cost them the game.

The lesson from the old pros who have the hearts of champions is to never quit.  Even when all seems lost, find a way.  Find something inside yourself to play for.  It helps your sense of self worth, and you just might find something that turns it around.  If you don’t hustle, you won’t find it.

The glow of great hockey from 2010-2015 still is around.  We should be grateful for it and hope it can happen again.  At least we aren’t the New York Rangers.