Founders’ Keith

This post is by Om Malik from On my Om

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Keith Rabois is moving from Khosla Ventures to Founders Fund.

Given the long friendship between him and others at the Founders Fund, this is such an obvious move that it makes you wonder why did it take so long.

I met Keith a lifetime ago, and got to know first as a reporter, and later when we shifted gears into investing. I have always enjoyed his company and his ability to be clear-eyed about the future and opportunities. Most of our interactions have been in professional settings, and he has been nothing but professional.

It isn’t a surprise that he is so successful as an investor, betting big on his beliefs, but not with emotion. He is also a good board member — hyper-efficient. We served on the board of Academia and Keith was great at cutting to the chase and making sure the focus stayed on the right things. Founders Fund, you got yourself a good partner!

P.S.: If you are interested, check out this video I recorded with him nearly a decade ago. A lot of what he said is still relevant.

February 20, 2019, San Francisco.