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I did not know that “pentafecta” was actually a word, and while it does not perfectly describe the background of Flare Capital’s Dan Gebremedhin, it is serviceable as it suggests the extraordinary range he has.

Dan joined the firm in April 2015, just as we were getting started, and today we celebrate his promotion to Partner. Someone of enormous talent and range, Dan and I first met nearly ten years ago when he was raising capital for his healthcare technology start-up (“fecta” #1). While I did not end up investing in that company, it was clear that he had extraordinary potential. He had earned his MD and trained at Massachusetts General Hospital (“fecta” #2), and when we first met, was studying to get his MBA at Harvard University (“fecta” #3).

After graduation from Harvard Business School, Dan joined Harvard Pilgrim Health Plan where he served as Associate Medical Director #4). It was here where he thought critically about the business of healthcare and the role of technology in reallocating risks and revenues between the various constituents. What perhaps strikes me the most is his sense of the “voice of the customer.”

And that brings us to the present. Dan is an accomplished investor (“fecta” #5), respected by his investment peers and entrepreneurs alike. The healthcare industry is extraordinarily complex, made further complicated by regulatory frameworks that are in transition. The diversity and relevance of his various professional and academic accomplishments strengthens his ability to navigate this sector and partner effectively with entrepreneurs we are privileged to back.

When Bill Geary and I started the firm, we saw an opportunity to build an important investment platform to help scale leading healthcare technology companies. To do that effectively over many funds, we knew that building a strong investment team was essential. Today, I am delighted to call my colleague and good friend, Dan Gebremedhin, also my partner.