Simple Mills is Cracking Me Up

This post is by Jeff Carter from Points and Figures

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Simple Mills is releasing a new product today just in time for summer.  Crackers.  “Big deal”, you might say.  But, it is a big deal.  These are gluten free crackers made with very few ingredients.  They are low sugar.  They taste great.  They come in four flavors.

They are good for you.  It takes a few minutes to read most gluten free products ingredient labels and usually they are loaded with sugar.  Simple Mills label can be read in seconds and you can understand all the things that are in them.

Enjoy them with snacks or just eat them on their own.

Simple Mills was a company started by Katlin Smith.  She was at Chicago Booth when she started it and won the Polsky Center’s New Venture Challenge.  I invested in the company as a part of a Hyde Park Angels syndicate.

The company was a women lead company, with women executives on the team.  If you are into that thing and want to support women, buy some crackers and their other products as well.    That was a “nice to have” for me when I invested.

There were three reasons I invested in them.

  1.  The team was very very capable.  You knew they could execute and had the track record to prove it.
  2. There was a need for their product.  Gluten free is a growing category.  Especially the way Simple Mills does it. All natural, and very few ingredients.  Most gluten free products are loaded up with sugar.
  3. The darn stuff tasted so good!

You can get the crackers today for a pretty nice little discount.  Order them off Amazon here.  If you can’t buy them from Amazon, buy them off the Simple Mills website.  At Simple Mills website, you can see which grocery stores they are distributed in across the country.