Update to “My So-Called Virtual Life: The Assistants Which Power Hunter Walk”

A year ago I wrote about the virtual assistant products that had found their way into my life. Since the category was VERY hyped up in 2015, and seemed to cool a bit this year (from an adoption/investment perspective), here’s how my usage trends have changed over the 365 days. Fancy Hands: STILL my go-to task-based assistant. I don’t use FH for meeting scheduling but instead rely upon them for a variety of requests. Recent ones include:
  • Submitting information to my insurance company around policy changes
  • Arranging car service when I’m traveling (and Uber isn’t the best solution for some reason)
  • A list of SF Holiday ballet and dance performances appropriate for kids to attend
  • Martial arts classes in SF that fathers and daughters can attend together
  • List of private chefs who specialize in preparing meals for recovering cancer patients (for a friend)
Facebook Messenger’s M: Held steady but
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life: John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the…

John Glenn, the first American astronaut to orbit the Earth, died on Dec. 8, 2016. He was 95.

Glenn was a military man who flew 149 combat missions during the Korean War. In 1959, the year he posed for this portrait in a Mercury program pressure suit and helmet, he was announced as one of NASA’s original seven astronauts. Pictured here on the cover of the Feb. 2, 1962 cover - MAKING OF A BRAVE MAN. (Ralph Morse—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images) #JohnGlenn

A Simple Way to Measure Health Care Outcomes

Despite the current uncertainty surrounding the fate of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), health care leaders must not let debates over access detract from what needs to happen regardless of the legislation’s fate: Their organizations must improve the value of care they deliver. When the ACA was passed, in 2010, many observed that although the ACA expanded access to health care, it did less to address the equally critical issue of improving the delivery of that care. Regardless of whether the ACA is repealed, this challenge remains. The success of efforts to improve care delivery hinges on developing clear approaches to performance measurement. A guiding principle offered by many has been to focus on improving the value of care delivered, as measured by the health outcomes achieved per dollar spent on care. Typically, value is expressed as a ratio: the quality of outcomes (adjusted to account for the severity of a patient’s
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Joe Lonsdale pours $4.55M for alcohol IoT startup Nectar

bar-sonar Nationally, bars today lose billions of dollars from improperly managed alcohol inventory. These losses add up quickly a result of oversized pours, spills and even theft. Nectar, a stealth connected device startup operating out of a Palo Alto dentists office (of all places), just locked down a $4.55 million seed funding round from the likes of Joe Lonsdale (8VC + Palantir), Lior Susan… Read More