Why have some of Silicon Valley’s top investors started investing in Latin America?

3212683201_a2a0c426bf_o Latin America just might be the most overlooked emerging market on the planet. The venture dollars in Latin America can’t hold a candle to India or China (compare China’s $11.8 billion in new VC funds for the first half of 2016, down 14 percent according the WSJ, to Latin America’s $218 million), and the region’s 600 million inhabitants get overlooked by investors who… Read More

Skymind raises $3M to bring its Java deep-learning library to the masses

Network, conceptual illustration Today, Skymind, a company developing an open-source deep-learning library for Java, along with tools for implementation, closed $3 million in financing from Tencent, SV Angel, GreatPoint Ventures, Mandra Capital, and Y Combinator. Skymind was previously a part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2016 batch and has taken money from Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures and a number of other… Read More

The Melting Liquidation Preference

I’ve been through two severe market declines, both in 2001 and 2009. Public market volatility at the beginning of 2016 gave birth to a lot of “doom and gloom” posts on VC blogs. The public markets have recovered, but the scare earlier this year seems to have resulted in more conservative cash planning within early […]

In Hardware, You’re Only as Good as Your Next Product: See goTenna

When hardware maker Quirky went out of business, Ben Einstein at Bolt had this to say: "A good company builds one product, learns from its customers, and iterates to make that product exceptional. Each step in the process is designed to refine a product and find the often elusive “product/market fit” that is the basis for all successful startups. Imagine if Apple built the first app-free iPhone and then moved on to the Apple Watch, or GoPro only sold one version of its camera and then decided to launch something totally different." Iterating as a hardware company, of course, isn't the easiest thing in the world.  Design and production cycles are long, and you can't upgrade the physical parts on the fly.  That's why so many companies never make it to a second product.  Take Nest, for example, that wowed the world with its thermostat, but never followed Continue reading "In Hardware, You’re Only as Good as Your Next Product: See goTenna"

107. Reinventing Venture Capital, Part 1 (Bryce Roberts)

Bryce Roberts of Indie VC & OATV joins Nick to cover Reinventing Venture Capital, Part 1. We will address questions including: Can you walk us through your background and how you became involved in startup investing? Can you talk about your experience at O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures and how that led to the launch of Indie […]

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What It Will Take to Keep Women from Leaving STEM

A recent survey showed that STEM degrees are among the most lucrative for graduates. When you look at the gender breakdown of students entering these fields, it’s about 60% male and 40% female, and at the PhD level the numbers are closer. But what happens as people’s career trajectories progress? Over time, those talented women with their PhD in STEM start to drop out of technical and industrial careers. By the time careers reach leadership levels, as few as 15% of those talented women remain, according to some estimates. There are a number of reasons these women are dropping out of the workforce. Sexism in STEM fields takes many forms, including derogatory comments, stereotyping and harassment, opportunity gaps, and  biases about what women should look like. What’s more, women in these fields are paid less, promoted less, and have less access to prestigious work. Losing female talent in STEM is a detriment
Continue reading "What It Will Take to Keep Women from Leaving STEM"